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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chinese adventures, yummy milk pills, food market

This is my grandson, Reagan, and Ayi (sp). Ayi is a term that kind of means auntie. She works for my daughter and son-in-law cleaning house and helping to take care of Reagan. She is a darling woman who absolutely adores my grandson. She has a husband and one son who is grown up and moved out. She holds long conversations with him in Chinese and he speaks to us in English. I think he knows more Chinese than English. We measured Reagan while we were there and at 2 yrs. 2 mths., he is 38 inches tall. I would estimate that she is about 57" tall so when she holds him he towers over her.

Here he is holding slightly sweetened powdered milk tablets which he absolutely loves. When we got out of the car upon arrival from the airport he zipped around the corner to a little convenience store and came running out with a package of these. My SIL had to quick, go in and pay for them. Note the laundry hanging up. Lots of people in Changzhou have washers but almost no one has a dryer. Instead they have hanging up contraptions on the balcony.

This is a stall in the open food market. It is contained within a large warehouse sort of building. I'm pretty sure those green things are eggplants.

Most of the Chinese people we encountered were rather stoic but when you engage them they are friendly and helpful. We did get stared at a lot.

Here is a view through the whole building. Each merchant has a small section of one of the stalls. I do not know if they rent or own their spaces.

Some potatoes and onions. Notice that everyone is wearing a coat. Almost no restaurants are heated and we never encountered any shops that were heated.

They get the whole pigs or chickens and cut them up. Notice the pigs feet most of the way to the left. In the chicken case they had ALL of the parts of the chicken. Not sure what to do with chicken heads. I don't remember seeing beef; mostly chicken or pork.

Boy, am I getting gray. I don't know what all this stuff was. Salads, maybe? I couldn't hardly identify any of the ingredients and I didn't have the guts to try any of it.

You could get your fish really fresh. There were lots of tubs with different fishes. The bubbles were from a hose pumping air into the tub.

You could buy just the fishheads.

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