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Monday, June 27, 2016

Costco has manufacturers change their recipes.

Does this look like regular HV dressing mix?  Well it's not.  Following is an email I sent to Costco.  It came out a little garbled because I was angry when I wrote it and I didn't proofread it very well.

Go and type "is MSG harmful to humans into  Google"

I am writing to complain about your deceptive labeling practices. I purchased a membership earlier this year and have been visiting and shopping once or twice a month. I purchased a package of Hidden Valley(HV) ranch dressing mix and I used it in a recipe. It tasted different, sweeter and less savory than it usually did; so I checked the list of ingredients and compared it to the list of ingredients on the HV website. The MSG was deleted and SUGAR was added. I was furious. Nowhere on your packaging label did it say that the recipe in the HV package varied from that being sold in other stores. I was sitting down to write this email it suddenly popped into my head; I also bought Better Than Boullion there, also. Sure enough, different ingredient list than the national website. No warning about recipe change on that label either.

I know your store is activist in changing American diets and now I know you are doing it on the sly.

Well, your ignorance about MSG is shining brightly because MSG is harmless. Through a single man claiming that MSG bothered him and due to some junk science; nearly the whole of the American populace believes that MSG is dangerous for humans to consume. Do your research folks, even the FDA says that it is safe for consumption.

MSG is NATURALLY contained in many foods that Americans consume everyday with no ill effects.

I am going to return my package of HV dressing for a refund.

I want you to start labeling your packages that vary from the national recipes. If you are going to perpetuate junk science and urban myth rather than choose to educate and correct the publics' misinformation; at least own it loud and proud. Otherwise I will be dropping my membership when it comes up for renewal. I am also posting this email on my blog and on facebook. I am sure that it will not affect your bottom line one iota but I will have done my duty in exposing your deceit. Sincerely Annette 

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